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Jeff Van Drew switches party to Republican

January 01, 2020

After much speculation, Congressman Jeff Van Drew has officially become a New Jersey Republican in CD2.

2018 GOP Convention Update

March 21, 2018

With approximately 90 people in attendance, the Cumberland County GOP Convention for 2018 will be memorable.  A primary is ahead for GD2 since no one candidate has the majority from the county GOP groups.  Each CCRRO candidate is facing an incumbent in all positions.  Click on the link to read what the Insider NJ had to say.

Governor Christie's Final State of the State Address

January 10, 2018

For those who would like to read or watch Governor Christie's final State of the State address, click on the links below.


View a clip:…/news/552017/approved/20180109d.html

Republicans gain control in Deerfield Township

January 04, 2018

The two new Committeemen for Deerfield Township are Anthony Brago and Michael Terrigno.  They were sworn in yesterday evening, January 3, 2018 at the Municipal Building.   During the reorganization meeting, Mrs. O'Brien (R) was re-elected as Mayor, but Rudolph (Rudy) Dana (R) was nominated and elected Vice-Mayor.  Freeholder, Joseph Sparacio was present to administer the oath of office to Mr. Brago as Committeeman, to the Mayor Mrs. O'Brien, to Mr. Dana as Vice-Mayor, and to the room of all participating members of associated services.  Under-Sheriff Norm Frankel administered the oath of office to Michael Terrigno.

Congratulations to Anthony Brago and Mike Terrigno, who ran on the same ticket and campaigned together, winning in November.  As the new members on the Township committee, they join Rudy Dana as the Republicans gained control on the five seat Committee in Deerfield Township.  The fifth Committee member is John Stanzione (D) who has been on the committee for a number of years.

Last night's reorganization indicated that new changes are on the horizon in Deerfield Township and with the Republicans in control, the residents will be seeing some beneficial changes in the near future.

Edwin Alicea, Commandant of Semper Fi Detachment 205

November 01, 2017

The Semper Fi Detachment 205 will be paying respect to the Veteran Appreciation Day at Millville Army Field Museum on Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

The Color / Honor Guard is a polished detail that emulates the high standards and traditions of the United States Marine Corps.​​​ 

The Detachment Color Guard presents colors at social events, celebrations, sporting events, church services, parades, and Veterans events.  

​​The Honor Guard may present the Colors, but their main purpose is to present a contingent to bear honors at ceremonies or Marine Corps Veteran funerals.  

​All members of our Color and Honor Guard are Veterans of the United States Marine Corps. 

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