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The New Jersey Regular Republican Organization for Cumberland County invites you to join us at our monthly (or bi-monthly) informal breakfast meetings.  They are currently held at the Eastlyn Golf Club in the Greenview Inn restaurant, every other Saturday morning at 8:30 AM.  Cost is $15 per person for a delicious breakfast buffet.  Watch our calendar for meeting locations which do change periodically.

Learn what is currently happening in our county, election activities and campaigns, fundraisers and even messages from our Congressman.  Not only are these meetings informative, we want to hear suggestions from our county residents how the CCRRO can engage more people to be involved in the community and county.   We encourage participation and the donation of your talents in our activities to help fundraising efforts and to elect Republicans to office at all levels.

The GOP Young Republicans are meeting quarterly and are gaining new members regularly.    Click here to go to their website for meetings that you would like to attend, or click here to see their Facebook page.

The Republican Women of Cumberland County meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday of each month and are also gaining new members as they continue their focus and efforts as a  supportive branch of the county GOP organization. The RWCC are also a branch of the national Federation of Republican Women.  

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Promoting Young Republicans

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Contact Email:  info@ccrrogop.org

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