Sheriff Cumberland County

Edwin Alicea

Mr. Edwin Alicea is requesting your endorsement for the position of Sheriff. His educational and professional achievements coupled with many years of experience in the fields of Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department and Vineland City government will be an asset in this position to become the next Sheriff of Cumberland County.


Mr. Alicea (pronounced Al-i-Sayah) served this great country of ours as a United States Marine for over twelve-years, as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare instructor.  He has served as a law enforcement officer for 25 years, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant.  

Currently, he is serving his second term as Public Safety Director for Vineland City Police Department. Mr. Alicea personal achievements include,  a Bachelor of Arts: Leadership / Public Management, graduate studies obtaining a Masters Degree in Homeland Security with additional graduate level certification in Terrorism Security Studies.


As a graduate of the prestigious New Jersey Certified Public Management Program, Mr. Alicea is a graduate of the West Point Command and Leadership Program and was an instructor for that program in two states, New Jersey and Delaware.   Currently he is an Adjunct Professor at two colleges and two universities.


His skills include developing and facilitating training programs in a variety of subjects pertaining to Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Crime Prevention, Command and Leadership, Terrorism and Public Safety.  Mr. Alicea has served as an Interpreter (English/Spanish) for numerous Federal, State, County, and local Law Enforcement agencies as well as Municipal and Superior Courts.


His education and specialized training has been in-depth with numerous years of experience to enhance such expertise.  Mr. Alicea initiated efforts to keep public safety programs intact so that they will continue to provide a beneficial service to youth and adults.


As Sheriff for Cumberland County, Mr. Alicea believes that he will insure the citizens and all stakeholders of Cumberland County are provided with the highest level of service and professionalism and would be honored to have the opportunity to serve as a leader of this important law enforcement agency to improve on the services it provides to our county.


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