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Re-Elect Sen. Michael L. Testa Jr. for NJ Senate

Michael Testa Jr.jpg
Michael Testa Jr.

  • FACT:  Mike continues to lead the fight against Phil Murphy's Executive Orders & mismanagement of NJ that we need to reopen New Jersey, rebuild the local economy, save the shore tourism, reopen businesses, reopen schools and special needs programs, bring back job opportunities, and return the spirit, moral, and enthusiasm back to the people of New Jersey.

  • Successful local attorney and small business owner

  • Former Board Chairman, Vineland Downtown Improvement District

  • Past Chair, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland Salem counties

  • Board President, Vineland Regional Dance Company

  • Member, Greater Vineland Chapter of the NAACP

  • Husband to Julie and Dad to Eva, Sarah, & Tripp

Michael Erik Antwan water.jpg

Real Republican Leadership for South Jersey

Legislative District 1 (LD1)

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