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What are County Committee Members?

A County Committee Member must be a resident of the municipality, Ward, and District that he or she will serve for a period of four (4) years.  A Committee Member is elected during a Primary Election.   

A County Committee Member represents the Republican voters of his or her District at the County Republican organization.  To many people, the County Committee Member is the Republican Party since he or she is often the first and most accessible GOP contact for their County.

This volunteer position is important for many reasons.  This volunteer job is all about helping to grow the GOP and working to deliver the maximum number of Republican votes on any Election Day.  The primary responsibility is talking to the residents who comprise your district.  Accepting this leadership role means you are willing to donate your time and talents to the Republican Platform on a grassroots level for four (4) years by ballot .   

Your primary responsibility as a Committee Member is to attend the Cumberland County Republican GOP Convention and to vote on the endorsement of Republican candidates to run for a specific office.   There is an election of public office every year in New Jersey.

Other areas of participation that should be considered in the role of a District Committee Member are listed below.  Tell us where your skills and talents can best be used for our organization.

1.     Helping with Republican fundraisers that fund campaigns for the organization and candidates. 

        This can include but are not limited to selling tickets to functions, finding local donors, or help with event planning.

2.     Circulating Candidate Petitions in your area for signatures.

3.     Going door to door with candidates to introduce them to voters. 

4.     Distributing campaign materials before an election, i.e.; door bags, yard signs, flyers or pamphlets.

5.     Arranging and/or making get-out-the-vote (GOTV) phone calls for an election.

6.     Attending at least 6 monthly (or bi-monthly) GOP breakfast meetings a year.

These duties may seem like a very big responsibility, but you have resources from existing GOP members and Committee Leaders to assist you.   Developing a plan that includes other volunteers will help you to have a rewarding and enjoyable experience.  Volunteering your talents and time is a commitment of four (4) years. This position is a valuable and important part of the Cumberland County GOP team, and we look forward to including you in our organization.

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